Friday, July 17, 2015

Boracay Getaway with my Childhood Friends (Part 1)

Sweet 16 in Boracay and I spent it with my childhood friends!

No..... I did not turn 16 but rather, it was my 16th time in my favorite place on earth.

I used to call it my Happy Place but I learned from my recent recollection master, Father Dennis Paez, that there is no such thing as a happy place because only I could make myself happy and not a place nor person nor thing can make Lia happy.

I have known Pinky, Eileen and Dodai since I was 10 years old!

Can you spot them in my photo?!?

Hahahaha I won the "Miss Modesty" contest when I was in Grade 5. Not because I was modest but it was the name of our section!

I think it was more of a popularity contest because my friends voted for me. They were the judges.

Let me share with you why I love these special ladies.

Dodai is my Enforcer! She used to be with the LVPD.

Very strict with the NO Coke zero policy. Every time I would look at a can of Coke Zero longingly, she would always say, No Coke, Lia.

But she has a funny side as well!

All bark and no bite. I love teasing her just to make her "bark".

Pinky is my Enabler! She has a zest for life!

It's always, Lia! Let's go! Book ka na flight natin!

She has a flair for the dramatics, though.

Eileen is my Nurturer.

She loves to take care of me.

Whenever I am walking, she would hold my arm so I will not trip along the beach or give me a hand when I could not get up from sitting on the shore.

Her sense of humor is way up there! Hahahahaha She used the seaweeds as a wig!

When I booked my Boracay holiday, I did not expect that they would tag along!

So I just chose a simple and inexpensive hotel but with wonderful reviews.

LSM Square Residences is along the main road across the 24/7 Convenience store.

The reviews said it is clean and the deciding factor for me was.....

"The AC was very cold and the bedsheets were too thin!"


And then Pinky and Dodai texted me that they would be joining my vacation!

Dodai even said she will be with Alex, her husband.

But when I got to the airport, it was not Alex who I saw but Eileen!

It was such a pleasant surprise!!!!

Our very first meal was at Island Chicken Inasal. My favorite!!!!

People are probably wondering why I would eat chicken inasal in Boracay when there are so many restos to choose from. I love the Kansi caldo as well! We also ordered Kangkong, green mangoes with delicious bagoong and grilled chicken liver.

We then went to White Beach! It was Dodai's first time in Boracay!

It was very sunny the whole time we were there!

We were not lucky but blessed.

Do you think that the sun would just come out after 2 consecutive storms?!

No way! Several weeks prior to departure, I started praying and even attending mass almost everyday.

I prayed for a fun, safe and sunny trip with my friends.

Choriburger! I cheated and ate wheat!

Eileen and Dodai love to drink coffee even when it is very late already. Of course, what is coffee without dessert for them? Dodai tried the cassava cake. Eileen ordered the cookie and I had the Decaf Iced Mocha.

Our night cap was at Cafe Del Sol.

We then strolled along the whole stretch of station 1 up to Friday's and walked back near our hotel because Eileen had a massage appointment.

We watched the firedancers exhibit their amazing skills.

Dodai and I had a midnight snack at Big Mouth, D'mall. She had the stuffed squid while I ate the Grilled Liempo Sinigang.

Even if we were so tired from the day's activities, we still found time to chitchat with each other until dawn.

I'm not an early riser so our foray into White beach the next day was a little late.

Beautiful weather again! Sun was so bright we got sunburned!

Lunch time!!!! At D'Talipapa!

We bought the seafood at the wet market.

Had it cooked at Aquafresh.

I'm their suki. They still remember me!

We had grilled oysters! Plump and juicy! Clam soup, inky Adobong Pusit, chicken inasal, ensaladang talong and pakbet since Dodai and I do not eat rice, only Eileen.

Next on the agenda was Puka Beach!

Lots of photo ops!

Voted by CNN as one of the Top 10 beaches in the world.

To be continued.....

Boracay Getaway with my Childhood Friends (Part2)








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