Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Pour Oils Over Foods" By Dr. William Davis

Would you consider pouring oil over your food?!

I have been doing this since forever!

People think I have a death wish because I am always eating fat!

But..... Dr. William Davis said, Have a Fat Fest!

I get frustrated at times when people are afraid of fat!

I wish they would read more on the subject because they are still clinging to old fashioned flawed views!

I am NOT making this up!!!!

This is what my "liquid gold" looks like.

I was able to collect just about 1/4 C from the Lechon Belly I cooked in the turbo broiler and drizzled it over the Pancit Sotanghon I cooked for Saturday's lunch.

My Ate did not want to eat it! I had to beg and told her to try a little.

When I cooked it a couple of weeks ago for my KST catering, Mona only ate 2 spoonsful because she said, she was afraid.

Wake up, people!!!!!

Read on!

I am posting some paragraphs from Dr. William's Wheat Belly Blog.

Come on! Fat won't kill you and will not cause cardio vascular disease.

Refined carbs and sugar will.

I am trying so hard to eliminate those two from my diet but it is so hard.

Everyday is a struggle. I am not going to give up.

I will try my very best to bring my sugar down.



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