Monday, June 29, 2015

Instant Lunch Dates

Pinky and Dra. Cristina were my instant lunch dates today!

It started with the picture I posted in FB and in our private Viber group.

I posted a picture of Pork Sinigang I cooked the other day.

What's wrong with this picture?!?!

What is missing?!?

When I cook Sinigang, what do you always see?!?

FAT! Jiggly Wiggly Fat!

I bought this "Pang Sigang" cut of meat in the Supermarket. It was spareribs! All meat and bones! No fat!

The broth was very flavorful. I simmered it for 2 hours plus I used natural tamarind pods.

But..... I was not excited about it.

Apparently.... I have friends who like this kind of Sinigang! Healthy Sinigang! So I invited Pinky and Cristina.

I was really not happy with my "healthy" Sinigang. I decided to sauté it with tomatoes!

Can you spot the difference?!?!

Now you can see it is "shimmery"!

Have I mentioned that it was a Buy One Take One pack of "pang Sigang" ?

I cooked the 2nd pack, Adobo style.

Still, I was not happy because I just simmered it in vinegar, soysauce, garlic, peppercorn and bay leaf.

"Hermie! Can you pound one head of garlic, please!?"

I toasted the garlic in oil and sautéed the Spareribs Adobo!

At least I can see the oil now!!!

My obsession at the moment is Lumpia. All kinds of Lumpia.

Cristina brought lots of goodies for me!

Including the Fried Sinaing na Tulingan from Batangas.

Pinky gave me a pack of Chocolates and ginger tea!

Sometimes it is better if we do not plan when we are going to see each other.

What really works for us is ... Instant Lunch Dates!


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