Friday, June 12, 2015

Egg Cooking Skill

Do you know that cooking an egg requires a certain skill?!?!

I do not posses that skill.... Until recently.

I have been practicing and I suppose... Practice makes perfect!

Sunny side up eggs!

My friend, Patrick, from the Low Carb High Fat support group taught me how to cook sunny side up eggs!

He said, that I should put a small amount of fat in the pan.

I used butter this morning. Then on the lowest setting, I cracked an egg in the pan with melted butter and covered it!

I probably waited for just a minute and.....

TADA! Perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs!

The yolk was runny and the egg white was not rubbery!

Unlike my pervious attempts.....

Omelette..... Another friend of mine, Chickee, taught the kids at our Culinary Journey how to cook the perfect omelette.

I practiced and I practiced and I think I got the hang of it!

Gouda Cheese and Shrimp Omelette!

Scrambled eggs! One of my Waterloos!

I have been watching Hermie how she cooks scrambled eggs for years!

But mine always look like Wriggly's barf!

Jing gave me cheese pimiento spread. She followed the recipe in my blog.

Since I cannot eat it with bread, I added it to the scrambled eggs!

The result?!?'

Soft and fluffy scrambled eggs!

I still have to master cooking poached eggs but I need really fresh eggs for it.

Ohhhh... Since I started doing Low Carb High Fat diet, I have been eating 2 eggs for breakfast everyday and I feel full all day long.


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