Friday, June 19, 2015

Busy Cooking

I have been busy cooking since I got my new toy!

It is the best stove in my opinion that is not commercial.

I cooked lots of stir-fried food!

When I went to Farmer's, I bought clams for the Stir-Fried Clams with Tausi and Oyster Sauce.

Tricia brought Kang Kong and we stir fried it with Garlic!

Beef with Ampalaya and Tausi.

I have also been busy preparing for my KST catering stint.

I baked chocolate brownies for dessert.

Turbo Lechon

I put it inside the Lechon Wrap.

I call this my Bouquet of Happiness!

Pancit Sotanghon con Lechon!

I added Lechon bits on top and the most wonderful surprise of all....

Liquid Gold = oil dripping from the Turbo Lechon.

I showered the Pancit with Liquid Gold!

About 1 1/2 Cups of Liquid Gold for the 2 servings of Pancit!


I was so surprised it tasted so good! I had 2 servings!

Plus the senior citizens had second and third servings!!!!

I did not tell them my secret ingredient!

<WEG> (Wide Evil Grin)


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