Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Prequel: Boracay.... It was not LOVE at first sight.

My very first trip to Boracay was March 2, 2010.

Just a few weeks shy of starting my blog last March 29, 2010. I feel that I have to write a short prequel so all my trips are chronicled.

I remember my flight going to Boracay was via Caticlan. I was so scared because the turbo prop was as small as a bus! I could hear all the parts rattling! I was "white knuckling" it all the way.

Then when we were about to land, I thought all the screws of the plane would become loose!!!

We were flying so low, so near the ocean! I was not prepared for the landing! When the plane hit its brakes, my purse was thrown towards the cockpit!

Hahaha that was for being a Newbie.

I was a little apprehensive about the banca ride but I got to my destination.

The hotel I booked online was Beachcomer. It was right beside Jony's.

My very first glimpsed of the beach was such a nightmare!!!! The water was emerald green!

I thought to myself.... What happened to the beautiful azure waters of Boracay?!?

I was expecting the waters to be crystal clear and blue!

Then, I learned about the sad truth of the algae.

I did my online research where to eat in Boracay.

I had my very first lunch at Aria.

I ordered the pizza. It was a "must try".

Did I mention it was so hot?!?! Extremely hot? I already applied sunblock because back then I did not want to get dark.

I really cannot recall much anymore.

Just that I was so disappointed because my expectations were too high.

But did it stop me from going back to the island of Boracay?!?

From then on end.... The rest is what they call, history.




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