Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Weekend in the South

I am spending my whole weekend here in the South!

South meaning, Paranaque and Alabang!

We had a Filipino "Summer" get together in Mona's house last night.

Summer.... Because it is sooooo hot!

Filipino because it was our food theme to match Mona's Filipino inspired house.

It even has a flag and bust!

Mona's Grandfather was Chief Justice Ramon Avancena. She was named after him.

I listed down all the possible potluck contributions.

The Franadas brought Sisig Hooray and native chichihria.

The Infantes brought super delicious Rellenong Bangus from Malabon.

The Ramoses brought Nathaniel's siomai

AND..... Beautiful Chicharon with fat!

I am not fond of Chicharon but I ate 2 pcs.! It was that good!

Pinky ordered Pancit Malabon.

I cooked Visayan Humba. Floating in natural pork oil!

Mona's contribution was Fresh Lumpiang Hubad.

She also served gising-gising.

Eileen, our forever drinks and ice go-to person.

Dodai brought Fruit Medley.

Ohhhh and Mona also made Palitaw

And BIKO!!!!!!!

Even if I am not eating rice anymore, I had to try her delicious BIKO.

The ladies had their own table.

Kids were on their own.

It was "boys night out"!

Tin was able to join us for dessert.

I wanted to eat and eat and eat and eat!

But it was not possible. We were all so full!

Mona, thank you for hosting our Filipino themed dinner.

I am still here in my Ate's house in Paranaque. Kuya, Sophie and Renzo are with me.

The highlight of my weekend was the MILKSHAKE! They have a milkshake machine!

Gilly was our bartender. She blended Super Thick Chocolate ice cream with milk.

I only had half a small glass. I could not resist.

The reason why we spent the weekend with my sister was because Kuya wanted to show off Renzo's newly acquired skill in swimming. And boy did he show us!

I invited Jacob, Pinky's nephew, so he has a playmate. I was the designated lifeguard.

Their merienda was pancake with chocolate ice cream and syrup.

The popcorn was for me but the boys also got from my bowl.

Yaya Bebing cooked Pork char siu

Chicken with mashed potatoes

Ate cooked Pancit.

Gilly made Leche Flan using whole eggs.

She also baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Then today, Ate served 2 kinds of spaghetti sauces with pasta.

And crispy Fried Bacon slices.

I ate mine with Pinakbet.

We rarely go to the South so this is really a treat for us.

Until the next time!!!!

Thank you, Guanzons for the weekend "staycation"!



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