Saturday, April 11, 2015

Loot From Bangkok

Mona just arrived from Bangkok and she brought home our loot from Tita Jit!

Oh Wow! Thank you, Tita Jit for all the wonderful cooking goodies!

Thank you very much Mona for bringing it home for us.

Tita Jit got a Cath Kidston bag for Jing.

Jing and Hermie divided the loot equally while I was cooking.

Mona was away for 2 weeks and we all missed her very much.

I told her that I would prepare our favorite Sinigang na Liempo with lots of FAT!

I personally hand picked the fatty pork pieces!

Boiled it for 3 hours until tender and jiggly!

And..... TADA!!!!!

Mona's Favorite Sinigang!

And look at the floating bits of fat!!!!

To die for!!!!! Literally!

I hope she enjoyed her homecoming meal!

I also cooked Pancit Sotanghon Con Canton.

Thank you FGM for the Sapporo vermicelli!

I am really so proud of my Pancit cooking skill! It has improved a lot!

We had different dipping sauces for the green mangoes!

Mayette brought chocolates for dessert and Jing brought drinks for everybody.

I bet after eating my Sinigang, Mona's arteries said:

I'm truly home!!!!




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