Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy birthday, Lizzie!!!

It's Lizzie's birthday today!

I really do not know when her birthday is or how old she is.

Lizzie is my rescue dog. She was just given to me by Tracy Tuason, a CARA board member, my neighbor and a pet lover like me last April 7, 2014.

Lizzie has been with me for a year now!

When I got her, she was so scrawny!

You can see the fear and insecurity in her eyes. "Is this lady going to take good care of me?" Maybe that was the question playing in her mind.

I do not know anything about her history but I am so blessed because God gave me a very sweet dog.

Lizzie's Ninang is Tricia.

Her coat is so beautiful!!! Like a fox's!

She just sheds a lot that is why she cannot sleep in my room. She sleeps with Hermie.

The vet, Dr. Riza Zunio, came here today to give Lizzie her annual shots.

She said that Lizzie has improved so much from the last time she has seen her!

And.... Take NOTE: No garapata!

Look how much weight she has gained!

I wish I could take in all the stray pets but I can only do so much.

There are so many Lizzies out there! If you want to adopt, let me know! I will help you find a pet who is looking for a forever home.

Happy birthday darling baby girl!!!!

A birthday cake from Tracy!!!!

Thank you so much!

The Wriggly Chronicles

I also asked Dr. Riza to take a look at Wriggly.

He is 16.5 years old, has a neurological problem, blind and a growth on his chin that always get irritated.

He still eats and does his business regularly.

The vet was so impressed with Wriggly!

I am so happy because Dr. Riza said that Wriggly is doing well for his age!




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