Thursday, April 2, 2015

Food for the Soul

This is the time of the year wherein I not only feed my stomach but feed my soul.

I am a prayerful person but not in the conventional way. I cannot even remember the new Our Father. My mind always blanks out the response to Our Father.

Father Bernas once said that praying the rosary is good but what is more important is that when you pray, you pray with a sincere heart. As opposed to mumbling words one cannot even feel what they are saying.

I attended a recollection today in Ateneo, Rockwell but I was not able to finish part 2. I got dizzy and had to go home and rest.

The priest was very good. I remember a few words of wisdom from him. He wanted us to ask ourselves,

Who is Christ to you?

I can easily answer that question.

Christ/Lord/God is my savior and refuge.

Whenever I have a problem I go to the Blessed Sacrament room and pray to him. I do feel guilty at times because I only visit him there when there is something troubling me.

The priest also said not to worry. That there is not a strand of hair that God does not know where to put.

It is but natural for me to worry. But I should not. I have to trust the Lord. Worrying means I do not believe that God will help me.

There is a prayer I found in FB. This is what I always pray now.

Another powerful prayer that I know is Pope John Paul II's.

This was given to me by Wina from New York. I use this when other people request for prayers. More often than not, my prayers were answered!

I used to resent it when people ask me to pray for them. In my way of thinking, can't you pray for yourself?!?!

They ask me because they know God always answers my prayers quickly.

Now, I rejoice in praying for other people. Whenever I receive a text asking for prayers, I immediately close my eyes and ask God for his help.

One other prayer I have is Prayer to St. Expeditus.

I always ask him for financial help and in exchange for answered prayers, I promised to help propagate devotion to him.

People would ask me sometimes why I go to mass even on weekdays.

I did not know how to answer it back then.... But now, I can honestly say, I go to mass because I want to nourish my relationship with God.

Prayers are the food of my soul.




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