Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bacon and Burgers ------> This Way

There is a new burger joint on Jupiter St. Corner Galaxy St. Bel-Air Village called The Lazy Bastard.

If you see this signage, you are in the right place.

It is behind Yamato Bakeshop and Mitsuyado-Sen.

It was Bea, daughter of Tricia, who recommended the place. She told me, Tita! Their burgers are so good!

I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger.

And..... True enough..... It was good! VERY Good! VERY, very good!


Because it was a no frills burger. It was not "pretentious". Just an honest to goodness burger.

Just the way I like it!

No dressing, ketchup nor mustard. It was piping hot when it was served to me.

And the fries?!?!?!

I loved it! Well seasoned! I did not even ask for ketchup.

Next time, I am going to try the hotdog sandwiches!!!

I could eat here everyday! They even have breakfast all day!

Well.... Not everyday! They are closed on Sundays. They open at 11 am Monday thru Saturday until...

No closing time! I asked them what does that mean?!

Last man standing! They will only close until the last customer leaves.

I asked them why they were wearing 1920's "costumes".

One of them asked me if I wanted to check out the place. I looked around and asked myself, " What did she mean check out the place?"

This is it! It is just a narrow dining place for about 15 people!

But.... Wait.... There is a secret door! She took me to ABV!

A hidden drinking place where they have all the liquor from around the world!!!

I immediately told her it reminds me of Al Capone and the Prohibition!!!

And she said, YES!!!! That is their main concept for the place!

You need a secret password to enter ABV (Alcohol by Volume).

Log on to WWW.ABV.PH to know more about it.

The General Manager gave me his card and it says.......

Experience exclusive access to ABV by presenting this card.


I can't wait to have my next The Lazy Bastard fix!



I just have to share this.

The burger joint is behind Mitsuyado-Sen.

My Kuya knew I was going to eat the burger and he asked me to order for him as well.

I was on my way out of The Lazy Bastard when I received this text message from him:

I replied OK and put the phone back in my purse because I am not the type to hold my phone in my hand all the time.

I went to Misuyado-Sen, ordered and paid for the tempura.

My Kuya always asks me to buy "tempura" for Renzo.

When I checked my phone again, I just realized he wanted me to buy "Tempra" (paracetamol) for a 9 year old!

I had to reply that I already bought the Tempura!!!!

He has never asked me to buy "Tempra" for his son before! Always "tempura".

So what was I suppose to think?!?!

Hahahahaha it only shows one thing....

That I only have food on my mind all the time.




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