Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sinigang Date

I promised Peach that I was going to cook Sinigang for her.

Tonight was the night!

Eileen, Dodai and Alex were also my guests.

I cooked Chicken Adobo as well.. A perfect partner for....

Kare Kare!

The vegetables are always served separately.

My Kare Kare from scratch is made with ....

Freshly roasted peanuts...

Then ground into paste.

Toasted rice....

Processed until it is powdery.

Green mangoes and the delicious bagoong from Farmer's Market.

Dodai brought cake from Cara Mia.

Our forever ice and drinks supplier, Eileen, brought Coke Zero for me and fresh Buko for everybody!

We tried using an ice pick to bore a hole for the straw.

Alex already warned Dodai it was going to spurt....

But did Dodai listen?!? Hahahaha of course not! Buko geyser!

We looked at our Gradeschool pictures! Non stop laughing as usual.

Imagine that was 35 years ago?! We've lost touch after graduation but thank goodness to social networking, we were able to hook up again in FB.

And we plan to do more hooking up in the future!




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