Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ompy's Birthday at The Batcave

Who is Ompy?

Ompy is Mariger who is celebrating her birthday today!

I was the one who gave her that nickname! And we all started calling her, Ompy.

Her favorite is the Beef Tapa from Farmer's.

When I asked her what she wanted me to cook for her.... And I mean...I would cook anything she likes.... Her answer was a resounding TAPA!!!!

Of course, I had to cook it in tapa fat.

Ohhhh this is heavenly!!!!! The fat is so crunchy/crumbly like bacon!!!!

The birthday girl ate half of the fat!

Jing cooked Shrimp Sinigang.

I also cooked Sotanghon Guisado for long life.


Mayette brought chips and ice cream!

The birthday girl also brought chips and drinks! By drinks.... I mean soda!

Jon let us take turns in riding his bike for photo ops only! But James got to ride with him around village.

I wish I knew how to ride a bike. I never learned how.

Batman and Robin with the Batgirls... While waiting for the celebrant.

(Jon and Mayette/ Sherman, Jing and James)

She was running a bit late and told us to eat already.

And finally.....

The Birthday girl has arrived!

I've known her since college days!

The four of us is such a tight knit group. I gave them all their nicknames!

Jing is Mawi for Maria Wilhelmina.

Celina is Tale... Short for Talina.

They gave me the nickname, Li. Short for Lia!!!!

We are 't even BFFs... We are more than friends.... We are like sisters.

Happy birthday, Ompy!

I will always include you in my prayers.

Love you!






  1. Thank you Li!!! I love you too! I had a blast today. 😊😍😘

    1. You're welcome!
      Of course, you had a blast! You ate almost all the crunchy fat!!!!