Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lia's Food Journey is 5 Years Old Today!

Oh My! It has been 5 years since I started writing about my eating adventures! Time flies so fast when you are having fun!

If you do not know me personally but have been following my blog, I guess I could say, you know me so intimately by now.

You've read about my dieting.... when I am about to start, then after a few weeks I will be on a diet holiday then start again another diet. It is never ending. Sometimes, there would be positive results, most times... I gained more weight than when I started.

Ohhhh and my cravings?!? My obsession of the moment?!? Everybody knows that when there is something on my mind, I will not stop until I get to the restaurant of my choice or until I have perfected the recipe.

I checked my posts for the past 12 months and I would like to summarize the year that was.

There are different groups of people in my life.

I have my family.

This was taken during my birthday week at Marriot Hotel, Cebu.

Christmas 2014

My nieces and nephews.

Yaya Hermie who is like a family member to me.

I have my church group. We attend Bibliarasal every other Monday at St. Andrew Parish.

My civic group.

I am a volunteer facilitator for KST (Kasambahay SaTahanan) which runs from June up to October.

It is such an enriching experience because you get an opportunity to help the domestic workers realize their potential and improve their skills.

I am also a committee member of the Culinary Journey of Bel-Air.

Last summer, I was one of the cooking teachers for Kids at Work in the Kitchen.

I inherited the friends of my Mom, my seniors friends, and then the group became bigger.
We would have lingering monthly lunches.
My ASB Co-workers.... I've only known them for 5 months in 1992 but we have kept in touch with each other since then.
What will I do without my neighbors?!? I would send an FB SOS in the middle of the night that I am hungry or I am craving for siopao and here comes FGM Cindy to the rescue!
The Junkies!
Who share the same junk food passion as I do!
They are my usual guinea pigs for my experiments!

Childhood friends since 1979!

High School Classmates

My Travel Buddies!

The highlight of the year was our Southeast Asian Cruise on Mariner Of the Sea.

And..... The Batgirls! With Batman and Robin!

What do all these people have in common with me?

We all share the same passion for food.

We love to cook and eat!

Well..... Some could "cook". Hahahaha but everybody enjoys good food and great company.

I have over 300 recipes in my blog. I stopped counting already.

I am so happy that I have many people to feed! I get excited when I know they are coming over. I do not get tired preparing food for the people I love.

A year has passed again so quickly. I hope I could share more recipes with my readers and go on more food trips with friends and family.

Thank you my faithful followers!

You are still reading Lia's Food Journey after 5 years even though by now you know how silly and crazy I am!





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