Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Days in Boracay with Pinky

Pinky invited me to join her in Boracay.

Ok, ok, ok! Erase! I invited myself to join her in Boracay!

We stayed at Astoria Boracay, Pinky is a club member.

Pandan Tea - Welcome drinks.

I love our room!!!! So spacious and it had 2 AC vents, one on top of each bed!

Mini kitchenette with a dining table, microwave, utensils, plates and soup bowls.

Kitchen sink

Friends always ask me to show the bathroom of the hotel rooms.

The pool at night.

I set up our chips station. I had to leave the rest of the chips at home, the Cheetos and Doritos from Shey, because my baon bag was overflowing!

I thought we would not be able to finish all of it during our stay, but we did! Only the Piknik was left untouched.

I was so excited to go back so I can eat my favorite food again!

It is a MUST for me to eat the grilled chicken at Island Chicken Inasal!

I also love the Kansi. Good thing you can just order the broth of the soup.

It was just the 2 of us and would not be able to finish an order of Kansi which is good for 3-4 persons with other food.

Pinky ordered the Batchoy.

My favorite Pancit Bam-I at Willy's Resort.

Last year, when I was in Boracay, I could not forget the Shrimps with Brie and Goat's Cheese Pizza at Two Seasons.

So..... TADA!

Happy hour time! Strawberry Daiquiri!

One of the best things to wait for in Boracay is the sunset.

Sometimes, when it is cloudy, you will not get the chance to see the sunset.

I saw my favorite Chori/BBQ vendor! Gina! I have known her since I started going to Boracay in 2010.

Her bbq stand is near Diamond Water Sports.

Pinky and I ordered the chori burger.

I added 6 sticks of Pork BBQ.

Mango soft served ice cream from Halowich at D' Mall.

Probinsya bread is the best! I always make it a point to buy bread from the bakery.

The mini bun was very delicious and so sweet! We bought cheese pimiento spread to eat with it.

Pinky and I had to eat our Sinigang.

Mine was Pork Siningang....

Pinky's was Bangus belly.

Mango Cheesecake at Cafe del Sol, D'Mall.

We ate at the 3 new restaurants in Boracay.

Spicebird at D'Mall.

Their specialty is Piri-Piri Chicken

Another new restaurant is the Sunny Side Up Cafe at The Sands, Station 3.

We tried the Espresso Pancake with Dulce de Leche topped with Chantilly Cream!

Muscovado Syrup

Giant Pancakes! I could only eat half of one pancake! Pinky left a forkful! She said she could not possibly finish it!

The #1 restaurant in Tripadvisor is Los Indios Bravos Gastropub. (Road 1 a. If you are facing the mini lake near the mall, the street is on the left side.)

It has an international menu. We only ordered....

Nachos with chili con carne, cheddar cheese sauce, sour cream and fresh tomato salsa.

Ultra Crispy chicken wings

Because.... We were saving space for dessert!


Deep fried Mars Chocolate Bar in a dough/beignet type of batter.

Pinky took my picture at the gastropub.

Then it dawned on me that I have another picture which looks exactly like the one Pinky took.....

Taken last March 2011!

My niece, Gilly, would always show my pictures to her friends. They would wonder why I never seem to age and said that I have discovered the secret to the eternal fountain of youth.

Hahahaha I guess that goes for my mental age as well. In my mind, I am only 22 years old.

Pinky and I saw our Gradeschool classmate, Em! We have not seen her in 28 years! She now lives in Australia.

Fancy bumping into you, Em!

The beaches at .....

Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

Ilig-Iligan Beach (Taken at Mt. Luho)

Bulabog Beach (Taken at Mt. Luho)

Puka Beach

A visit to Boracay is not complete if one does not drink Mango Shake.

I tried the shake at Jony's. According to the reviews, theirs is better than Jonah's.

There are a lot of new establishments on the island. When I was there last year, I noticed that a lot of small businesses were demolished in favor of the massive buildings they were constructing.

Is it good or bad? Change is always good.

There are now 2 Mc Donalds, Johnny Rockets, Army Navy, Yellowcab, Dulcinea, Sbarro, Starbucks, Bo's Coffee, etc. You get the idea?

But I do miss the laidback vibe of the island where you can eat grilled fish and liempo by the beach.

Will I still go back?

Definitely! Hopefully, soon!!!! I am already planning with some friends.

Thank you so much Pinky for letting me go with you to Boracay!

I hope you were not traumatized by the noise pollution at night!

Hahahaha! Next time,I promise to bring Benadryl for you!

I really needed that 4 day vacation.

Because of you, I was able to leave all my troubles at home and just spend...

Happy Days in Boracay with you!







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