Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bacon Kettle Corn

Bacon Kettle Corn! To die for!!!!

I loved it!

FGM Cindy and I had dinner at Hole in the wall, Century mall.

She ordered the Pho Beef

And Sweet Chili Pork Bahn Mi.

I got us the Shwarma!

Ohhhh so good! The beef was very tender and pita stuffed to the gills!

I also got us 2 orders of Prawn and Crab Roe Balls.

This is another must try!

Shey and I tried it the night before and the Pho too.

Last night was my 2nd time to order the Dimsum.

FGM and I were almost done with dinner when I saw someone carrying a tray with a bowl of popcorn.

We asked the lady where she got it.

From Mister Delicious.

She asked us if we wanted to try.

FGM Cindy politely declined but I said:

I want to try!!!!!

No regrets! I am still dreaming about it right now!

In fact, I want to go back to Century mall and just eat the popcorn!

It is kettle corn -sweet and salty with bacon strips!!!!


And the best thing about it.... It is only 100 pesos!!!!

What's not to love?!?!

You should try it before you die if you are a popcorn lover.



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