Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Evening with my ASB Family

My ASB Family had dinner at The Batcave.

We have all known each other for over 21 years now.

Ms. Ann, my former boss, recently celebrated her birthday!

She brought a very delicious cake from Conti's

And... Suahe with Langka.

I love Ginataang Langka!

Be brought Sio Mai.

Matess got us Fresh Vegetable Lumpia.

I asked Maya to order Pancit from....... Wait for it.....

Orchids Motel!

Since she works in Pasig, the motel delivered the pancit!

It is ranked as one of the Top 10 Pancit in Metro Manila.

I was not disappointed!

My potluck contribution was Steamed Chicken with Sausages and Mushrooms.

They said, I can use it as a siopao filling! I intend to experiment soon!

I gave them vegetable cooking lessons.

Chaysim with Oyster Sauce and Caramelized Shallots.

Hermie cooked the sweetened banana and we poured coconut milk on it.

I loved the dilis snack from Be!

What a fun evening!

My whole ASB family was in complete attendance tonight.

Until our next quarterly meeting!!!


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