Friday, February 13, 2015

Ships Ahoy! Mariner of the Seas - Part 1

Mariner of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in Asia.

It is 3 times the size of Titanic with a maximum capacity of 3,600.

It was where I spent 6 days and 5 nights on a cruise called, Spices of South East Asia together with my travel buddies, Mona, Pinky, Doctors Bernie and Tricia, cabinmates Erik & Jodie and Odinah (Cristina's Ate).

Oh what a wonderful experience!

Let me show you our journey.....

We all met at the Marina Bay Cruise Center on the morning of February 6.

Pinky's gift to us (T-shirts) was such a hit with most of the passengers! They said it was a cool idea!

It says on the shirt "We are cruising"!

We were all issued a Seapass.

It was our all access pass.

They took our photos and swiped our credit/debit cards in case we want to purchase something onboard.

It was also our identification card since they held our passports until the last night of the cruise to prevent "jumping ships".

My first photo onboard!


At night, our stateroom attendant, Koumang, would set up our cabin.

He was Yaya Hermie's substitute for the entire cruise. He would pick up after me!

Most of my friends know I am a very messy person. My sandals, flip flops and flats were all over but when we got back to our stateroom, it was spic and span.

Our favorite hangouts....

Cafe Promenade

Windjammer Cafe

Main Dining Room

They are 10 pools onboard.

You can watch movies on the large screen while swimming. Mostly, movies for kids.

I did not swim because the adult pools were 4.7 ft to 5.3 ft. - too deep for me.

And I would definitely not swim with children.

Solarium - no kids allowed

The ship has a game/ music room where we played mah jong

I wanted to write in the library but there was just no time with lots of activities!

Activities mean eating activities! I gained 5 lbs.!

Back to the tour.....

Mini golf course

For Rollerblading

Rock climbing wall

Basketball court

Table tennis


Gym and Fitness Center

Captain is hard at work.

Ellington's Bar


Promenade - shopping area

Entertainment onboard

Dreamworks character parade

Ice Skating Show - Under The Big Top

Musical Show

There was a mandatory drill on the first day. They showed us where to congregate in case there was an emergency.

The lifeboat's capacity is 150!

Thank goodness it was a smooth sailing cruise!

It was such a wonderful experience! I am so blessed I have many fairy godmothers who made this trip possible.

Pinky, who is our "all access pass", made sure that we enjoyed ourselves.

She has been wanting for us to experience the life of cruising on one of Royal Caribbean's ship.

She works at Allure of the Seas, one of the biggest ships in the world! If Mariner is 3 times the size of Titanic, her ship is 6 times bigger!

Thank you, Pinky, for making this possible!

Cruising was just a dream for us but you made it into reality!

All aboard!!!!

Next posts will be....

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