Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dining Onboard - Mariner of The Seas (Part 3)

(Divided into segments because of the number of photos.)

This is my favorite part of the entire cruise! I saved the best for last!

All my eating activities onboard the Mariner of The Seas!

Everyday, we were given a sea compass. It has all the activities but the most important portion for me was the opening hours of the eating establishments.

Windjammer is open almost 24 hours of the day. Buffet style with over a hundred dishes to choose from.

I am a very picky eater. It might seem that I would eat anything and everything under the sun but I'm not like that.

My first meal onboard!

Hot dog and burger! Hahahahaha! They have the best hotdog and fries!

Whatever makes us happy, right?!

Another one of our favorite hangouts.... Cafe Promenade - open 24 hours

Just look at all those pastries, cookies, sandwiches and Danish breads!
I only ate the jello and fruit cup. Ok, and the peanut butter Rice Krispies.

I did not want to eat wheat while traveling because I might get sick.

There is Johnny Rockets!

I had to have my milkshake fix!
Another favorite food outlet.... Dog House!
This is where I would eat my Smokehouse and Coney Island Dog every afternoon.
Soft-serve Yogurt at the Pool area!
My favorite breakfasts..... Bacon! Pork Sausages! Eggs! Hash Brown!!!! Freshly sliced Ham!!! Fruits!

When I showed Yaya Hermie the pictures, she said, "Ay! That just looks like Mc Do food!"

One time, I had my 2nd breakfast at the Main Dining room...


Hot chocolate


Fresh fruits

And.... Eggs Benedict with freshly cooked hash brown.
Ummm what happened to it?

Pinky said it should not have looked that way.

They ordered it the next day and theirs looked so much better. Chef was probably in a bad mood the morning I ate it.

Giovanni's Table

On our last day called sea day, Pinky treated us for lunch at Giovanni's Table!

This is where she works at Allure of The Seas.
We asked her to order for us.
And then..... The waiter rolled out the dessert cart!
Another birthday cake for the celebrants!
Thank you Pinky for letting us have a taste of Giovanni's Table's fare!
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