Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Ang Hang"

Ang hang!

It is a Filipino word which means SPICY!

Dinner theme last night at Babita's house was Asian, but we renamed the theme, ang hang.

Almost all the dishes were extremely spicy but delicious, nonetheless.

Appetizer cooked by Tricia, Nam Prik Ong.


She was not able to join us because she was not feeling well.

Mona made the Catfish Salad.

I had to mix the Nam Prik Ong with the green mangoes of the catfish salad to lessen the fire in my throat and on my tongue.

Cat's kimchi was equally spicy!

Babita's Green Chicken Curry was an equalizer!

Shey and I shared in the cost of the Korean Beef Stew.

Korean Ice Cream from Cat.

Thank goodness for the cooling effect of the ice cream.

I probably consumed several glasses of water!

Superrrrr Spicy Dinner!!!!

But we all went back for Second..... Third ..... Fourth servings.

Thank you, Babita and Tita for hosting the Asian Ang Hang dinner!




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