Friday, January 30, 2015

Bulalo Date with Haley

I had a Bulalo date with Haley.

She is Tricia's niece. When I learned that she also loves Bulalo, I told her that I would invite her for dinner one day.

So .... Finally... tonight was the night.

Haley with her Bulalo!

I was so happy because she was eating her marrow with gusto! And of course, with Patis and calamansi!

No other way to eat Bulalo.

The Junkies asked me to buy wings for them. We just divided the cost among ourselves.

I cooked it 2 ways....

Thai Fried Chicken

Hermie's Korean Glazed Chicken.

Oh nooooo! I think my fried chicken obsession is about to come to an end!

I don't want to see another chicken wing in a long while.

I hope Haley enjoyed her Bulalo as much as I loved watching her eat!

She reminds me of..... a .... mini ... LIA!



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