Monday, January 5, 2015

2 Days in Binondo

I had a dimsum craving yesterday.

And today.

I was in Binondo for 2 days in a row!

I figured, it was the best time to go because of the cool weather and not so much traffic on the streets of Manila.

I ate at King Chef, Lucky Mall.

I waited for the Dimsum 50% off Promo at 3:00 pm.

They have a 7:00-9:00 am, 3:00-5:00 pm and 9:00-11:00 pm promo time.

I ordered the X.O. Siomai

Chicken Feet

Taro Puff was not on sale.

The reason why I had to go back to Binondo today was to return the Halter Tankini Top I bought at 168 Mall yesterday.

There is a stall along Pasilio 2B, stall 29 Sta. Elena Wing, which sells PLUS sized swimsuits.

Of course, Export overruns. But at least, you could find a size if you are in the plus range.

Back to my story....I bought this beautiful halter tankini top.

As soon as I got home, I had to FT with Jing so she can check it out, if it was ok or not.

She said, the look was a toss up between the late Anna Nicole Smith and Kim Kardashian.

Soooo... I returned it today.

Bonus was my lunch at Wai Ying 168 food court. I had Sio mai and Asado Cheung Fun.

I did not take photos anymore because the food from their Benavidez branch was better.

Yesterday at Wai Ying, Benavidez.....

I had the siomai

Shrimp Cheung Fun

Radish Cake/Ham Suy Kok combination.

Wayyyyyy much better.

Ohhh I was able to buy Broccoli and Cauliflower! Lots of vendors selling on the street.

I still do not know how I will cook it.

I want to go back to Binondo and eat more food!


Day 2 - chocolate free!




  1. hi, lia. i chanced upon your blog while searching for where to dine in cebu, and i've spent the past hour reading through your entries. i love the stories and snippets that come with each post. i, too, am a binondo fan and would go there on a whim to satisfy my cravings. i always go to waiying, ling nam, presidents, manosa, sincerity for meals, and eng bee tin, bee tin grocery and salazar for goodies.

    1. Hello! Yes! A reader after my own heart!! I really love eating and shopping in Binondo!