Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rizal Day Outing

My house guests and I together with Jing, Sherman and Mona spent the day in Manila.

So easy to navigate the city because the traffic was light.

Our first stop was in Binondo.

We went around Chinatown and checked out the grocery stores.

I bought Sesame Peanut Ampao and Peanut Bar. I wanted to buy Ube Langka Hopia!!! But I could not eat it. Not because of the sugar but because of the wheat.

We had a light meal at Ling Nam Noodle Factory on T. Alonzo St.

They ordered soup with freshly made hand pulled noodles.

I just had Beef Wanton soup, no noodles.

Mona ordered siopao.

For merienda, we ate at Hizon's on J. Bocobo St.

I had the bunless cheeseburger.

It was a little "sad".

I wanted to eat the Spaghetti!

And the complimentary soft bread rolls!

And the Palabok!

And the grilled ensaymada!

And the triple decker club sandwich!

Good thing, I was able to try some of the Dinuguan.

It is so hard to be on a diet when everything I want to eat is bad for me.

Jing said I try not to eat carbs and yet I do not control myself when it comes to chocolates!

I just need to be more self-disciplined. It is so easy to give in to temptation.

I was this close (holding my thumb and forefinger together) to succumbing to the "call" of the ensaymada.

But.... I was able to resist!

Lots of temptation in Manila but everybody had fun in today's outing.

Until your next visit, Tita Jit and Ryan!






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