Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PD's Birthday Lunch with our Senior Friends

PD hosted a birthday lunch for our senior friends.

Aside from Tita Butchie, Tita Mita and Tita Tess, she also invited Tita Mila Magsaysay, an old family friend and Ms. Jullie Yap Daza.

We always look forward to her birthday lunches. She sets a beautiful table all the time!

Our menu for today was....

Lechon de Leche

Chicken Gallantina

Baked Shrimps

Potato Salad

Mangoes and Cream for Dessert.

There was a little handmade box with a "fortune" inside.

This is what I got....

Her token giveaways.....

I have yet to open them.

As always.... Her guests were extremely delighted for experiencing PD's flare for entertaining.

Not only was it a feast for the tummy but for all the senses as well.

Happy birthday, PD!




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