Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tita Cena!

Tita Cena invited me to her birthday celebration in Alabang.

She also invited some of her friends who live nearby.

The Baked Fish looked so appetizing and it was delicious!

Tita Cena cooked Mechado which was simmered for 4 hours!

Corry ordered Kare-Kare from me.

Mona cooked Ginataang Hipon.

It was my favorite dish of the night.

Will ask her to teach me how to cook it.

There was a vegetable pasta dish.

Steamed Crabs

Buko Pandan for dessert.

Birthday cake from the friend of Tita Cena.

Of course, the little girls had fun taking turns blowing out the flame from the birthday candle.

Happy birthday, Tita Cena!

Praying for good health and more blessings to come!

I am already excited for next year's birthday celebration in Boracay!

We are going to share my body board again from Toy Kingdom!


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