Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Dinner with my "Adoptive" Friends

Cristina, Jodie and Miko have been friends since they were in Grade School. I just met them when they were accelerated to High School.

They are the super brainy type but definitely not nerdy nor geeky. They are extremely funny and naughty like me!

Hahahahaha I think I was able to drag them to the Principal's office once or twice.

They are a very closed knit group but adopted me, Mona and Pinky, who is not yet in Manila.

Ever since we all went to Boracay, they have been my vacation buddies.

Our Christmas dinner was in Cristina's house.

Her nickname is actually Tricia but I am so used to calling her, Cristina.

She opened a box of chocolates from Japan as soon as we got there!

Everybody was busy preparing the food and taking "selfies",

I was busy tasting each variant of the chocolates!

Mona brought her famous Lasagna with homemade noodles.

They asked me to bring Lumpiang Hubad.

Jodie brought Rico's Lechon from Cebu!

They all shared in the cost of the

Pork BBQ, my favorite!

Grilled Lamb Chops! I loved the way Doc Bernie marinated and grilled it.


Nathaniel's Buco Pandan.

Leche Flan

Mini Cupcakes


After dinner, the kids, Marty, Gio and Carrie, "prepared" a song number.

They are not kids anymore! They are taller than me!

Thank you my "Adoptive" friends for inviting us to your Christmas dinner!





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