Monday, December 1, 2014

Batgirls' Christmas Celebration

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

The Batgirls took advantage of the remaining available Sunday in our busy schedules for our annual Christmas celebration!

Mona volunteered their house for the venue.

I designated myself as the group's photographer because I could rarely use the pictures taken by other people.

I asked them to pose for me and used the Christmas tree as my "photobooth".


Tita Cena

Sherman and Jing

Jon and Mayette

Eric and Tricia

While we were all busy taking pictures, Dra. Corry had to do her rounds at the hospital. But as soon as she got home, I asked her to pose for me.

Finally! A picture I can use taken by another person!

The most important part of the evening......

Eating time!!!!

Tricia - Assorted chips and dips

Sherman and Jing - Pork Embutido

Jon and Mayette - Pollo Iberico

Lia - Baked Spareribs

Mona, Corry and Tita Cena

Creamy Lengua

Ceasar Salad

Eric - several bottles of wine

For dessert, everybody contributed except me because I am definitely not eating sugar at the moment.

Dulcelin's Mango Torte

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

It has been a tradition for some time now that we do not give each other individual gifts but Mayette was so excited with her creation she gave the Batgirls a bottle each.

It lights up!

Every year, we just bring one gift and draw a number from the tambiolo..... Our version of Exchange Gifts!

I am so happy! Corry asked me to buy a Kris Kringle gift for her and I was the recipient! I was the one who chose it!

We were missing one batgirl, Mariger. She had to stay home because her daughter was not feeling well.

Everybody has a hectic schedule. It took us weeks just to find the time to have this get together.

We are grateful for the precious moment.

To sum up the evening.... I will offer a short and sincere prayer.

Dear God, thank you for the food and for wonderful friends!

(Of course, the food rates higher than friends. Hahahahaha)



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