Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Weekend with Mariger

I just spent the Halloween weekend with Mariger!!!!

Oh boy, did we have fun!

Fun in Lia's language means food and more food!

As soon as I got to the "province" of Cavite we had dinner out because she just got home from the office.

We went to Ineng's and ordered....


Fresh Lumpia

And pork bbq for me. I'm still in bbq obsession.

It was my first time to sleepover in her house.

The breakfast was like a page out of my worst nightmare!!!! Hahahahaha.

Last week, I was in my Ate's house and I watched this TV show in the Food Channel.

They featured the pancake as big as a huge dinner plate!

Then when the batter was poured on the griddle, the cook took out the tray from the oven and he cut the crunchy bacon slices into 1 inch pieces then sprinkled on the half cooked pancake batter. It was flipped over and 2 pancakes were placed on a plate.

The nightmare did not stop! 2 eggs fried in butter were placed on top!

Maple syrup was drizzled all over the fluffy pancakes!

And then..... When the host of the show cut into the egg and pancakes, the runny yolk spilled over the pancakes!!!

Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!! It was such a disturbing image up to now I could not get it out of my mind!

Back to the breakfast.....

There was crunchy bacon.... Oh so good!

Pancakes.... I could not eat because of the flour.

Omelet filled with cream cheese

And Maple syrup!!!!

See?!?! The objects of my nightmare?!?

She also bought assorted Kakanin. I only tried a little because they were made from rice.

The reason why I invited myself over....

Mariger makes the best Pork Liempo Sinigang!

She was the one who taught me how to cook it 27 years ago!

Whew! I've known her more than half of my life!

We cooked the seafood she bought at Seaside Market for dinner.

Her requests were....

Shrimps in Red Egg Sauce

Crab Maritess... We googled for the recipe.

Chopped garlic soaked in olive oil.

Look at the Aligue!

The garlic was browned in olive oil then the crabs were added to the pan. Chardonnay was used to cook the crabs. We just added a little parmesan at the end.

I taught her how to cook paella.

She cooked her son's favorite Shrimps in butter garlic with Tang orange juice.

The Batgirls thought all the food was just for the 2 of us but she invited her officemates/neighbors for dinner.

Neri brought Pork Adobo. The meat was very tender! I am going to follow the way her Mom cooked it.

Liza brought a bottle of Chiraz and our pica-pica.

I enjoyed the company of Mariger's friends.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for having me over, Ompy! (That's my pet name for her.)

I super dooper had a great time!

Love you, my sister from another planet!




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