Saturday, November 15, 2014

Date with my ASB Girls

I had a date last night with my former officemates at ASB Land.

Yes, once upon a time, I was a regular normal person with a 9-5 job.

My Kuya asked, Office?!?!? Did you ever work in a office?


Tita Coret also asked Mona one time where was I. Mona said, I was with my former boss.

Really?!?! If Tita Coret spoke the lingo of the young ones today, I bet she would have said, "Seriously?!?!?!"

To clear up the matter, I used to work as an Executive Assistant to the Vice President.

For 5 months!

I met Be, Matess and Maya 21 years ago and ever since then we have always kept touch with each other.

We had dinner at Wooden Spoon, Rockwell last night.

Sinigang Salmon Belly

Shrimp Nuggets

Beef Caldereta

Kangkong with Lechon Bits

Fiesta Fried Rice

Our tea and dessert was at Sugarhouse

Caramel Popcorn

And a couple of slices of cakes.

We already planned our Christmas get together. We have a menu but no date yet. I still need to ask our boss when is a good time for her in December.

I just realized something.

It is not the length of time you have been with people to form bonds of friendship but what is more important is the quality of time spent with them.

I feel so blessed that I have them in my life.





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