Monday, October 27, 2014

My Weekend in Paranaque

I just spent my weekend with Ate and her family in Paranaque!

For someone who lives in the main hub of the city, the suburbs are like "probinsya" to me!

It was so quiet over there compared to the noise I hear from EDSA (My street is parallel to EDSA.).

I can hear the buses and the MRT all day long and sometimes when the traffic is really bad, up to midnight.

When I told PD I was spending the weekend with my sister, she asked me what am I going to do there.

I said, I will just laze around, eat, nap, take a dip in their pool

and browse the Internet with my iPad.

Hahahahahaha! She said it was not her cup of tea. She does not like to spend her days lazing around.

My Ate and her helpers cooked food for me!

She said I was her guest and it was their turn to feed me!

And feed they did!

They cooked Homemade Sisig!

From scratch! I was so impressed!

I got the recipe she used from a food magazine. I cannot recall if it was FOOD or Yummy.

Ate also cooked my favorite Chicken Tiim - braised chicken in wine and patis with olives, mushrooms and asparagus.

It is a recipe shared by Glenda Baretto a long, long time ago. I have been looking for it. Good thing Ate has a copy.

Her Ginisang Kang Kong was very good!

Ginisang Kang Kong

4 bunches Kang kong, leaves and stems separated

2 T. Cooking oil

2 T. Garlic, chopped

2 T. Oyster sauce

2 T. Brown sugar

1 T. Fish sauce

Combine the oyster sauce, brown sugar and fish sauce in a bowl.

Heat oil in the wok and saute the garlic until fragrant but not brown.

Add the stems and continue stir-frying.

Then add the leaves. Stri-fry for a minute more.

Push the vegetables to one side of the wok then add the sauce. When it boils, toss the vegetables into the sauce.

Ate also cooked Binagoongan Baboy with Gata.

Pork-Ginger Meatballs

The highlight of my weekend in Paranaque was the pork barbecue!

I ate 4 pcs on the first day.

Then 6 pieces on the second day. (Hahahahahaha it's not that I don't know how to count but I already ate 1 stick of bbq as soon as we bought it.)

It was sooooo good! I loved it especially while it was still hot off the grill!

I actually burned my lips but it was worth it.

The name of the bbq store is Porcue. (823-9424)

You can find it right at the entrance of Marcele Green Village.

One of my favorite activites in Ate's house was browsing through her food magazines,

Look what I found!!!!!!!

Stainless steel straw for eating bulalo.

This is how they should market it.

I cannot wait to buy my own stainless steel straw and then I will buy a beef shank as long as my forearm!

The weekend was so relaxing and enjoyable for me!

Thank you, Ate! Until the next time!





  1. wow! the sisig and barbeque look yum!

  2. The pork barbecue looks good! will try it soon! thanks