Saturday, October 18, 2014

Grain-Free Experiments (Swiss Rosti and Brazilian Cheese Buns)

I have been browsing the net for grain-free recipes. I found 2 recipes and experimented.

The first experiment was Swiss Rosti. I have only eaten it once and I cannot recall how it tasted.

My first attempt was..... SCARY!!!!! Hahahahahaha

I wanted to perfect it.... I cooked another one after breakfast.

I used the bacon dripping this time.

Ohhh I love Swift Delicious bacon! So fatty and salty!

I was able to render about 1/3 C of bacon drippings from 3 slices only! ( I cut each strip in half so it would fit my frying pan.)


My 3rd attempt was perfect, well.... Compared to my first 2 experiments.

Ohhhhh look at the bacon rosette! So pretty!

After grating the potato, I rinsed it in a colander until the water was clear.

Then I squeezed the grated potato until dry.

On a non-stick pan where I fried the bacon, I placed the potato pattie and cooked over low heat until golden brown.

Then flipped it over and cooked again until golden brown.

I did not add salt anymore.

My next experiment was Pao de Queijo - Brazilian Cheese Buns.

I used cassava starch which I bought in SM Makati.

I will experiment again. My taste testers, Tricia and Anna, said it needs more cheese and center was chewy.

Although in the website where I got the recipe, it said, the center should be moist and chewy.

I have something in mind I want to try and experiment using the same principle as Pao de Queijo.

It is very exciting because there are so many grain-free recipes out there!

Will just have to try it one at a time.


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