Saturday, October 4, 2014

Babita's Bienvenida

Welcome home, Babita!

She went to the U.S. for a long vacation. We have not seen her in months!

The Junkies had sausage night!

We all bought different kinds of sausages.... Polish Kielbasa, Hungarian Sausage, Swiss Wienerli and English Bangers

..... and bacon!

The peppers and onions were sautéed on the electric griddle where the sausages were grilled.

I have a secret!!!!

I poured bacon fat on the sautéed peppers! Shhhhhh.... Quiet! I did not tell them!

We ate the sausages with Spicy Brown mustard! My favorite!!!

Mc Donald's French Fries with our sausages!!!

They asked me to make potato salad!

I finally got it right! Yay!!!

Babita brought brownies with 3 kinds of chocolates!

They said it was good! I could not eat it because I am on a wheat-free diet.

I am so glad we all love to eat and eat!

We already planned our next Junkies Night!

Soooo excited!



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