Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 1 Report

I am happy to report that I have positive news to share!

On my first week of the wheat-free lifestyle, I lost 5 lbs. and my sugar is down by 50 points!

From an FBS of 251 last Monday, the reading this morning was only 200. Sure, it's still high... long way to 100 but if I can keep this up, I will reach my goal!

There was a moment a couple of days ago that I thought I would give in to my wheat craving!

I wanted to eat pizza, siopao and Pancit! I was like a substance abuser wanting so badly to get my next fix.

But then, I thought to myself... If I can get over this wheat craving... I will be ok.

Sure enough, when I pass by displays of bread and pastries now, I do not get the urge to eat wheat anymore!

I have not been totally wheat-free the whole week but I only ate a very minimal amount. I hope to eliminate it from my life but if not, at the very least, limit it's quantity.

Dimsum is my Waterloo. I went to 168 this weekend and had a few of my favorites with the least amount of wheat.


Radish cake is made from rice flour but some add wheat starch as a binder.

I also ordered Lechon Kawali. This was a safe choice.

Would you believe I bumped into my Ate at 168?!?!?! What are the chances you would see someone you know in that labyrinth of a mall?

We then had dimsum at King Chef in Lucky Plaza.

My wheat-free meals.....

Soyless Chicken Adobo

With Fresh Tomatoes and Red Egg

Samgyeopsal is another favorite "diet" food of mine.

I am not very good with eggs. My Spanish omelette looks so horrible!

I miss Mon. He really cooks very nice looking delicious omelette.

My FBS would probably had a better reading if I did not reward myself with Langka Ice Cream after losing 5 lbs.

I brought out my ancient electric ice crusher.... Hahahahahaha Their translation - "Smash Ice Device".

And the cautionary instruction:

The finely crushed ice ....

For my Mais con Yelo.

I even bought a parfait glass and parfait spoon!

I am so inspired to continue my wheat-free lifestyle. I hope to get better results next week!

As usual.... Wish me luck and help me achieve my goal.



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