Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Touchdown Cebu!

I just spent a couple of days in Cebu to celebrate Mona's birthday weekend. This is the 2nd year we have been doing this.

Corry's treat was the stay at Marriot Hotel. Mona and I were in charge of the food and transportation for the 3 of us.

As soon as our plane landed in Cebu, we took a cab to CNT across SM!

I told them it was better to order one plate each of lechon.

I panic when I do not have my own serving in front of me.

After we checked into our room at Marriot, the rest of the gang, Mayette, Jon and Mon, met us at the lobby.

They have been in Cebu since Saturday.

First destination was Kusina Uno for our pre-requisite Puchero!

Ohhhhh I love traveling with people whose cholesterol levels are high!

It means I get my own shankful of marrow! It was so long the knife could not reach the bottom. I poured hot soup into the shank and sucked out the marrow using a straw!!!!

Corry said I should patent it.

Surprise! Surprise! Our order came with two shanks!!!!! Bulalo Heaven for me.

Across was Rico's and ate my second lechon for the day.

Spicy Lechon!

Dessert was at Tymad's French Bistro.

I ordered the Mango cheesecake but I gave them the crust.

The rest ordered:

Crepe Nutella with Chantilly Cream

Mille Fuille


Strawberry Beignet

Normandy Tart

Freshly baked baguette with butter

They all went for a massage afterwards but I was so sleepy! I had to wake up at 3:30 for our 6:00 am flight! And to top it all, I came from a birthday party the night before and I slept at 1:30 am.

I took a 30 minute nap at the hotel and went to Matias BBQ when I woke up!

I know some of my companions do not like to go to this kind of place where you eat under a tree.

But I love this place!

In my past trips to Cebu, I did not have enough time nor space in my stomach.

So, I was so glad I was able to enjoy one of my favorites.

I chose the "paa" from the kiosk and they grilled it for me.

I ate it with puso - rice cooked in woven leaves. You peel it then bite into it like eating an apple.

Some people said I should try the Balbacua.

It is a thick oxtail stew which taste like Kansi, a cross between Sinigang and Tinola.

My friends decided to have dinner at La Vie Parisienne.

It was not exactly a restaurant. There were tables and chairs with nice lighting around the place.

You go inside the store/bakery where they bake the bread on site.

You buy your cold cuts, cheese and wine in the store and they bring it your table.

Imagine going to Santi's but multiply the cost of the cold cuts 2-3 times.

There was also a pizza kiosk.

We ordered the Ham, Mushrooms and Mozzarella Pizza.

As you can see, this is not a place for me. Lots of wheat temptation.

Mon wanted to eat again the Mango dessert he had at La Marea I.T. Park the night before.

They also tried the Frozen Brazo.

Mine was BudBod Kabog with chocolate syrup.

Last meal of the day was at Zubuchon.

Boneless Lechon

Pancit Sotanghon

Fried Rice

This was added to the dipping sauce.

I loved my Duhat Shake!

The others had Kamias and Pineapple with Mint Shake.

Buffet breakfast at Marriot was a wheat nightmare! Good thing there were several options for me!

Rice noodle soup


Soft-boiled egg.

I asked the chef to cook the bacon according to my specifications. I do not like my bacon crunchy. I want it soft like ham and sprinkled with brown sugar while cooking it.

But....IT was still crunchy!!! I only took a bite.

I loved the Brie, walnuts, cashew, peanuts and dried mango strips!

The best of all was the very sweet mango dipped in Nutella!!!!

See???? I survived the breakfast without wheat!!!

I did not even have to wear my eating dress anymore!

Early lunch was at.....

Rico's again! Mayette and Jon had to leave early for their land and ferry trip to Dumaguete.

I had my own Spicy Lechon.

Mona and Corry shared an order of the Regular.

On our way back to the hotel, I passed by Atek to buy Ngo hiong.

It is a kind of lumpia with bamboo shoots, meat and 5 spice powder.

My friend, Candy, who used to live in Cebu said I have to fry it in lard.

I am never out of fat in my freezer! Lucky me!

It came with the best hot sauce!!!!

Spicy and HOT!!!! Perfect for the Ngo hiong.

We brought baon while waiting for our flight home. I do not like airport food in the Philippines!

I super enjoyed my time in Cebu again.

Happy birthday, Mona!

My birthday wish for you is to be able to eat your favorite food high in cholesterol without it affecting your health!




























































  1. Just a few weeks ago, I had my share of food adventure in Cebu. My take... CNT is still the best

    1. Hello, Rey! I agree with you, my all time fave in Cebu City is CNT!