Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hermie's Birthday!

My friends and I celebrated Hermie's birthday today!

I cooked Pancit.... For long life.

Sherman and Jing brought pork bbq.

Mona bought ice cream!

And Celina.... Who is in the US now asked us to buy a cake for Hermie!

Her Ate just transferred the cash to my account.

We all love Hermie! My friends have known her even before they got married and had kids!

Hermie is an important part of my life.

I treat her as such and let her know how I feel.

Happy Birthday, Yaya Hermie!

From Wriggly, Lizzy , Sabrina and the rest of the gang (cats) : Gloria, Lorna, Melba, Slut #1, Slut #2 and Slut #3. The ones with generic names are cats who are always pregnant, hence the nickname "slut". We could never catch those cats to have them "fixed".


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