Sunday, August 3, 2014

Suckling Pig

I love Suckling Pig!

More than I love our Pinoy Lechon!

It was a fun and busy day for me. I am preparing for three birthday celebrations this week!

My first destination was President Grand Palace on Ongpin St. in Binondo.

I was seated near the window where they hang the roast meats! I could not help myself and ordered a small serving of....

Suckling Pig!

Ohhhhh All for me!!!

I figured... Hey! Isn't it my birthday everyday?????

And.... For long life (not that I want to live forever)... Sizzling Noodles with Shrimps and Pork!

That was a happy and satisfying meal!

At least I will not think about Suckling Pig for a long time.

Or else.... I will go crazy thinking about the paper-thin crunchy skin!

And the ribs of the pig were as thin as a toothpick!

If I were given a choice in a Chinese resto, I only like to eat Suckling pig, fried rice and soup. I would be so happy already!

Ok... Ok... Ok... I am getting carried away here.

My next destination was 168!

Specifically at stall 2HB (06-08) for my party props!!!!

They have everything there!!!

I just bought a few pieces for my Birthday celebrations this week.

Hmmmm...I am still in Suckling Pig heaven! Hahahaha! You should see the smile on my face!



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