Sunday, August 31, 2014

Say Bye Bye to Wheat

Today is my last day to eat "wheatful" food.

Before I embark on a very hard journey to good health, I made sure I will not crave for food I have not eaten when I could have.

I rarely eat SPAM but when I do, I eat it straight from the can or from the fridge with cold butter!

Yum! The butter was like icing!

Wanton noodle soup is something that I am going to miss so I tried the one from Shilin.

I also ordered the Xiao Long Bao.

Another one I've been wanting to eat for months but could not find where to get one....

Lotsa Pizza Ham and Cheese!

Had it delivered today.

Ohhh it reminds me so much of 3 M pizza! I love this kind of pizza better than the one baked in brick ovens!

Yabu is about to open a branch in Rockwell but if I am not mistaken, they will probably open this September. Before I go crazy and crave for it, I just cooked my own Tonkatsu today.

Really moist and tender. I made my own sauce with roasted sesame seeds.

I still have 2 pieces of the super delicious Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Walnuts and Pecans I baked the other day with the Junkies.

I just reheated the cookies in the oven toaster for 2 minutes and ate it for dessert with decaf coffee.

I so love the oozing melted dark chocolate!!!!!

I know I am going to miss all these delicious treats but following the Wheat-free lifestyle is something I must do.

My goal is to follow it for a month and then I will see if there will be remarkable improvements!

Wish me luck!

Friends???? Please help me and do not tempt me with food I cannot eat!



  1. You can do it! The pizza and cookies look yum! Don't worry... there are cheat days;)

  2. What sauce did you use for the tonkatsu? I too am looking forward for Yabu to open in rockwell.

    1. I just used tomato ketchup, Kikkoman, Lea Perrins, sugar and crushed roasted sesame seeds, Vicky!