Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Eating Festival in Cebu

I spent my birthday weekend in Cebu with my Ate and my niece, Gilly.

Would you believe we just ate and went back to Marriot Hotel to let our stomachs rest? And then eat again?!

As Gilly would put it.... This is like an Eating Festival!

Good thing our flight to Cebu was after lunch. I did not have to wake up early! I just brought my baon bag....

The bag was very important, it was where I stowed my precious cargo going home!

My baon ..... Cheese curls, chippy, sandwiches and a bottle of water!

I always want to make sure there is something I can eat if ever I get hungry. Our airports have poor selection of snacks. The other goodies were in my carry on in the overhead bin.

The most important thing one must remember when "attending" an eating festival is to wear the proper attire!


After we checked into our hotel, we immediately went to Ayala Center to eat CNT Lechon at their food court.

We did not want to go to other branches anymore because it was already 5 pm and we were so hungry already.

When we got there, (gasps) the PIG was missing in action!!!!

We had to wait for the 6 pm delivery. Good thing we were able to snack on some dimsum and...

Ate's "must eat", chicharon Bulaklak.

When the "star" of the evening arrived, you should have seen me dancing in joy!

I told my Ate we should have our own order of lechon so I do not panic and can breath easily because I eat very slow.

I cannot match people eat piece per piece. I love to savor my food.

Puso is rice wrapped in leaves.

After we had our fill of CNT lechon, we then went to Cafe Laguna.

We were not able to eat there last year because we did not have enough time! We were always full.

That was my Ate's obsession... To have merienda at Cafe Laguna. I never heard the end of it for a year. The only time we could have eaten there last year was after our buffet breakfast at Marriott!

So... Finally!

Puto Bumbong


Dinuguan at Puto

Sotanghon Guisado

You think we were done for the night?!?! Not by a long stretch! We had dessert at Fudge, Ayala Center.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Tres colores - layers of mouse: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Ohhhh at last at 10 pm the eating festival ended for the day.

We started at 5 pm so you can imagine the marathon we did!

Ate said her stomach had its own heartbeat!

Breakfast the next day was buffet but I did not eat a lot.

I think I am the only person who likes her bacon "not crunchy". I specifically asked the chef to cook a few slices with brown sugar.

We heard mass at the new Ayala Chapel.

Salted Caramel ice cream after mass!

Would you believe we were so tired we went back to our room to rest!

Late lunch at Abuhan Tres.

They gave us extra marrow! I called them several times to make sure.

I was in heaven!

It's the only thing I eat whenever we order Beef Pochero ( Nilagang Bulalo).

Good thing, Gilly does NOT like marrow and only eats meat!

Ate's pre-requisite Chicharon Bulaklak.


Dessert was at Tymad French Bistro

My favorite - Mille Feuille! I always order this whenever I am in Cebu.

It was so flaky! My Ate used to tease me that the cafe owner hired the baker of Shamrock Otap!

We tried the Strawberry Tart

All time favorite, Nutella Crepe!

You will not believe this but we went back again to our hotel room to take a nap!

Dinner was at Ayer's Lechon in SM Cebu.

We had dessert at.... Where else!?! Dessert Factory!


Belgian Chocolate cake!

It was a tiring day full of eating activities.

My 2nd eating dress....

Hmmmm it looks like my stomach is my getting bigger and bigger!

We told ourselves that we would eat breakfast early but we could not get up! It was almost 10 when we went down. I did not want to eat a lot because it was almost too near lunch time.

Pan de sal BLT

Fruits and nuts.

There are only two reasons why we love to go to Cebu... The first one is Lechon and the second....

Beef Pochero!

Kusina Uno serves the best Pochero in my opinion.

The broth was very flavorful, meat and cartilage so tender.

Not that much marrow though, but still, I was a happy camper.

Chicharon Bulaklak! So light and crispy, the "Bulaklak" was paper thin!

Dessert was right across the street.... Rico's Lechon!

I LOVED the Spicy Lechon!

They even served it still warm from the roasting pit!!!!

We could hardly breathe because we have been eating and eating!

The Original flavor was just ok in my opinion.

It was time to head to Manila.

My birthday weekend was truly so satisfying!

I went home with a full and happy tummy!

Thank you Ate and Gilly for another birthday weekend in Cebu!

Happy Birthday Everyday, Lia!




  1. wow that's some feast... hehehe! the eating dress is a brilliant idea! i should have something like that too... eating pants and eating shorts. that mille feuille looks yum! the first time i read mille feuille, i go what's mill fuel (as pronounced). my dad goes anong mill fuel?! :D

    1. Vicky! Up to now, I still can't pronounce it so I just say, "yung ano"! Hahahaha