Saturday, August 30, 2014

FAT Glorious Fat!!!!

Mariger celebrated my birthday with me today since she was absent in my Vietnamese party.

Jing and Sherman were also my guests for lunch.

I asked Mariger what she wanted me to cook for her. She said, TAPA with FAT!

I had a hard time waking up this morning!

Not because I am lazy but because I had to take 2 kinds of anti-allergy medications last night.

Oh my Goodness! I had a terrible nightmare!

Usually, I would just have a bad dream with one kind of medication but this last episode seemed so real!

I could not recall if I was the serial killer or I witnessed several graphic murders!

I used to love medicines which make me go to sleep but last night, I was too deep under. I am so afraid now to take my meds.

At 9:45 am, I had to force my eyes open so I could go to Farmer's Market to buy the tapa! I have not even had breakfast yet!

That's how much I love you, "gels"!

I would do anything for my best friends in the world!

We missed you, Celina!

We were chatting with her while having lunch.

I miss my AC crew! We have not been together in years!

As soon as I got home.... I started the process of "softly killing" my friends.

"Killing me softly with this song....." I was singing while rendering oil from the Tapa Fat!

Ohhhh can you see the bubbling, glistening, heavenly, liquid gold?

And then.... TADA! Crunchy Beef Tapa Fat!

They could not stop munching on the crunchy beef tapa fat.

Cooked the tapa in "liquid gold". The meat was very tender.

I then proceeded to cook the fried garlic rice in the remaining saturated fat!

"Kumukutikutitap!" Hahahahahaha That was my next song because the rice was so "shiny"!

Yaya Hermie was such a wet blanket. I told her to fry the eggs in the tapa oil.

She said it will not look nice.

Hermie's Fried Eggs. Borrrrrriiiinnnggg! Not exciting. They look so "sterile".

It was time to eat!

But photo ops first.... A pre-requisite when dining in my house.


Jing and Mariger shared a bowl of peanut brittle.

My dessert was Death By Toblerone!

I used the Toblerone Vinnie gave me for my birthday.

Vinnie! I did not forget you! Hermie will bring your share tomorrow morning to your house.

Thank you for the birthday gift, Mariger!

Another birthday celebration with the best people in the world!

I love you!!!

My birthmonth is not yet over! I have one more day left to celebrate!



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