Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Early Night Out with the Junkies

The evening started out great.

The Junkies sans Tricia, who was busy with her orders, had an early dinner at El Chupacabra.

Cat and Mona while waiting for Shey had drinks.

I ordered the Tortilla soup instead of beer.

Shey, Mona and I had the Carne Asada street tacos.

Cat had the burrito.

We all shared a big platter of nachos.

Everybody decided to have coffee and dessert at UCC, Rockwell.

We took a leisurely walk all the way there to burn the calories we consumed at the Mexican cantina.

I was already imagining the Mais con Yelo Parfait I had before when the Junkies had a night out.

Then the evening went downhill from there.

Shey and Cat said I should share the Mais con Yelo with Mona!

NOT a good idea.

They said, sharing is good, Lia!

Not! NOT! NOOOT!!!!!

Cat and Shey were happy with their dessert/ drink! Of course, they were! They did not have to share it with Mona!

Pearl Milk coffee for Shey.

Cafe Mocha for Cat.

Hahahaha hahahaha

Everytime I look at the picture with my sour expression and Mona's smile from ear to ear, I would laugh out loud and clutch my tummy because it hurts so much!

It was an enjoyable evening just the same!

But next time, we better plan the UCC night out when Mona is in Alabang Hills!!!!



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