Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend with Ompy

I spent my weekend with Ompy! She brought pasalubong for me and Hermie!

I was very excited to see her because we rarely get a chance to be with each other.

She *gasps* works! Hahahahahaha.

Then her weekends are saved for her kids but good thing they had activities last Saturday.

I was experimenting with a new recipe of Crispy Pata.

SCARYYYYYYY! It looks like a baby Doberman!

A friend even asked me how could I have burned the pata. I told her it did not get burnt but had to add 1 T. soysauce according to the recipe.

The skin was paper thin crisp though.

We had Corry over for dinner, she brought fried chicken and someone gave her a birthday cake. I cooked my favorite spaghetti.

It was Corry's pre-birthday dinner.

Ompy and I took the opportunity and had a night out!

We went to Grilla and ordered the Pork Sisig!

I super love their version.

On our way to Grilla, we already discussed that we were going to order a cup of rice only because both of us are limiting our intake.

When we looked at their menu, the Tinapa and Salted Egg Rice looked soooo appetizing.

Well... This was what we got. We just tried a little.

Ompy wanted to go to a bar for a drink.

Hahahahahaha. I got drunk on Mango Shake! Kidding!

It was my first time to watch a football game at a bar! I was very lucky I saw Argentina hit a goal.

Then it was night night for us....

NOT for me!

I made the mistake of giving Ompy my pillow! The firm one. I could not sleep using the soft pillow even with the aid of Tylenol PM.

When she woke up at 6, I rescued my pillow from her bed.

As soon as I laid my head on the pillow, I fell asleep immediately!

I would not trade my sleepless night for the world.



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