Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Junkies' Korean Bienvenida for Mona!

It was Korean Night with the Junkies at The Batcave in honor of Mona!

We were so happy Mona is back and she attended KST today for the first time this year.

When we were talking to Mona while she was still in Canada, we told her that we would only eat "leaves" and vegetables for her homecoming dinner!

Hahahahahaha She thought we were joking but we were not!

Korean Lettuce is now available in SM Supermarket.

Perilla or Sesame leaves - Cat bought it at a Korean grocery.

Kimchi - pickled cabbage

We cooked Samgyeopsal - grilled Pork Belly

Cat marinated the Beef Bulgogi

And take a look at our "Chef"!

Tricia was in charge of our Korean Condiments.

We loved our Korean BBQ dinner!

Shey brought her most favorite Chocolate Cake from Dimpy's.

She loves it so much that she did not share her cake with the rest of her household the last time she ordered it!

I had 3 servings drizzled with Salted (?) Caramel Sauce!

Mona brought a dessert wine for us and her pasalubong!

I bought Mona her favorite Cheese Curls as my surprise for her the other day.

But then.... I got hungry a few nights ago and ate half of the cheese curls!

Hahahaha hahahaha

Welcome home, Mona! (Again) I sure missed you a lot!

So did the Junkies!



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