Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dra. Corry!

It's Corry's birthday today!

I prepared a simple Japanese lunch for her with our friends.

Corry with cousin "Robocop" Jing.

Hahahahahaha OK, not Robocop anymore because the surgeon did not put screws on her elbow.

Jing and Sherman.

Corry with her Woodrose BFF, Sansan.

Corry with Mon.

One time, Corry saw the picture of my Tempura Ramen in our Viber thread.

She asked me when will she be able to try it.

Today was the day!

I used the instant Korean Nongshim Neoguri Ramen then added more water, kikoman soy sauce and sugar to the broth.

I cooked shrimp tempura and added to the ramen.

I left the soup to simmer in the pot while waiting for Corry because she still has patients at Makati Med.

Mon, my assistant cook, ladled the soup into our bowls.

I assembled Mango Kani Salad on a bed of salad greens.


Corry ordered her own Mocha Cake from Costa Brava! Hahahahahaha. She said, she was embarrassed to have her name written on the cake!!! She should have used Mona's name when she ordered it.

Pistachio and Cashew Ice Cream from Sherman and Jing.

This is one of my favorite flavors!

Sansan brought Chocolate Lava Cake from Purple Oven.

Mon brought Starbucks coffee and Blueberry Cheesecake for Corry.

He was very careful with the paperbag of the cheesecake and asked if he could store it in my fridge. I told him, go ahead!

Ummmm..... Oooopppssss. Sorry I dropped the bag. Hihihihihi. I never told him what happened....

So.... When Corry opened the box......

TADA!!!!! (I hope he does not read my blog.)

Red Velvet cake was given to Corry by someone.

We did not have a birthday candle so we just used the vigil light in the center of the Red Velvet cake!

That was Hermie's "bright" idea.

I saved a photo from FB because I wanted to share it with Corry on her birthday.

We are already at a point in our lives when we have or do not need anything anymore (although there is still a long list of what I want hahahaha).

Happy Birthday, Dra. Corry!



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