Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why is it good and yet so bad?!

I have a new favorite! It is Toasted Pastillas!

It was Pinky who told me about it. Goodness gracious! I cannot stop eating it!

PD bought a pack the other day at Echo Store, she wanted me to try it. Her intention was to save a few pieces but no such luck!

I really, really love it! I cannot describe the taste and texture... Sweet... Milky... Chewy!!!!

I put it inside the body shop paperbag so in case somebody enters my room, he (my Kuya)/she (Sophie) will not see the Pastillas.

But... It is actually in the bag!

I do admit I am very greedy when it comes to certain food.

Another favorite is the Crisscut fries.

I bought it at SM Makati Supermarket. They also have wedges and twister fries you can buy by the kilo.

Ohhhhh my guilty pleasure! Ham and Cheese Pizza!!!

The cheap, "pedestrian" ( meaning pang masa) kind!!!

I love the fact that the sauce is very sweet! Then add the "Quickmelt" cheese and super generic ham!

I'm in heaven. Hahahahahaha! I'm so easy to please!

I tried the cheese puff at Krispy Kreme.

I suppose they were trying to replicate the cheese roll of Porto's.

All of the above are good and yet so bad..... For me.



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