Monday, June 30, 2014

On a Full Stomach

Ohhhhhh my "belly" big stomach! I have been eating the whole day and night!

I had lunch with my Senior friends at Bizu, Greenbelt today.

Tita Mita ordered the Eggs Benedict.

Hmmmm which one looks better? Bizu's(pan de sal) or my version (English Muffin)?

PD ordered the Duck Confit.

I have not eaten it before so I tried it.

It tasted like Crispy Pata!

I think I can do a version with orange sauce on the side instead of vinegar dip!

Something to think about.... Hmmmmm.

Tita Josie and I both ordered Clam Chowder.

I did not like anything from the Menu, not my kind of food, so I just had the soup.

Tita Butchie had the pasta dish.

I went to Manila Medical Center after lunch to visit Jing who will undergo surgery tomorrow at 8:00.

She shattered her elbow when she fell from an antique rocking chair, a freak accident. The surgeon will put steel pins.

Jing is blessed with a very loving husband, Sherman.

Service deluxe! He would cut her food and feed her, help her with her bath and a whole lot more!

Mayette brought adobo to the hospital for Sherman but I was so hungry I ate some of his food with a little rice!

I had to rush back to Makati. The Junkies and I were supposed to eat at 8 Cuts Burger but it was not open yet to the public! We had dinner at Franco's instead.

Tricia ordered the Sisig Angus Beef Baguette.

Shey had the Gambas and rice.

I ate the Shrimp Po' Boy.

We had coffee, dessert and snacks at Apartment 1 B.

Shoestring Fries

Flavored Popcorn

Dessert was Frozen Pie.

Cat was able to join us after dinner!!!

Too bad we were so busy talking we forgot to take a group picture :(

Ohhhhhh my very full tummy!

I had to show Shey how tight my pants were.

I'm still officially on a "diet".

But...... Diet on a full stomach?


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