Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Forgotten Dad

Once upon a time..... I had a Dad!

But I lost him when I was 8. I held my dying father in my arms en route to the hospital when we had a car accident.

I just have a few memories of him in my mind. I am struggling so hard to remember.

I only have snapshots in my mind... It's like when you click on a camera, you hear the sound of the shutter... Then you see the picture on the screen... then it is gone.

What I remember most about him is that..... I was his favorite!!!!

His pet name for me was "Chu Bunny" or something like that.

I could never forget when I was in grade 1, he brought to school a big brown paper bag of my favorite snack, assorted Dickman curls!

Lots and lots.... I just cannot recall if I shared it with my classmates but knowing Lia... I probably hid and ate behind the cafeteria!


When I was in. Grade 2, it was my Dad who attended the parent-teacher conference. My teacher was very concerned because I was propagating the story that I was "French-kissing" my neighborhood crush who was also 8 years old. My Dad thought it was funny!

And the one thing I could never forget about my Dad....

He was the one who "declared" that everyday of August is Lia's birthday.

So "Happy Birthday, Lia! Everyday" was his idea!

I only have 2 pictures of him with me.

I do not have to tell you how much he loved me. You could all see how much.

In this case.... The pictures are worth a thousand words.

Hey, Dad! I may have forgotten you most of the time but you are always in my heart.



  1. happy father's day to your dad! been following this blog for a while now and am a fan, just wanted to say :D