Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Boracay Food Journey

Boracay! I'm back! Did you miss me?!?!?!

I haven't been back to this island paradise in a year and a half. It was still the same and yet at the same time, a lot of new constructions were on-going but in mammoth proportions.

I do miss the semi rustic feel but I enjoyed myself just the same.

What's not to love when Boracay has all kinds of food to serve everybody's taste?

I booked my land and boat transfer online by Southwest Travel. I was so surprised that they are now using an air-conditioned fast craft.

I missed the outrigger banca but I got to ride in one going home.

I was lucky enough to get a room at Watercolor Boracay Dive resort through Agoda. They are already booked until the end of the year.

Just a few steps away from the door.... And you are at the beach already!

It is a newly renovated hotel. I loved the location. It is near the famous grotto and just across the Holy Rosary Church.

I went inside to say a prayer of Thanksgiving.

The first leg of my food journey was at Station 3.

I ate at my favorite Japanese place called Nagisa Coffee Shop.


Mixed Tempura

Frozen Iced Tea

I went swimming in that area and met a few people, Chi and Elsa with her family. We did not notice the time and when I looked around, it was a bit dark already and bid my swimming companions bye.

While walking along White Beach's path, I saw the favorite of Lisa!

Green Mango with Bagoong!

Lisa said she plans to buy a lot of Bagoong on her next visit. She will bring a big lock and lock container. I ate it in my room.

I also saw Merly's Chori-Longganisa stand.

Hahahaha No, I do not know who that guy is in the picture but he wanted to pose for me.

Chori burger is actually sliced smoked sausage slathered with pinoy BBQ sauce in a bun.

I actually bought the sausage from D'Palengke.

The buns came all the way from Yapak Bakery near Puka Beach.

I had to ride the tricycle all the way there just to buy freshly baked buns.

I am going to make Choriburgers for the Batgirls (and bat boys) and my Junkies neighbors tomorrow!!!

Dinner was at Mama's Austrian Restaurant.

Pork and Veal Bratwurst.

Too bad Marcus did not have a cook. I wanted the homemade potato chips.

Before I retired for the night, I walked along the beach. Jonah's was still open! They close at 12. I had the Mango Melon Shake.

My hotel at night.... My room is the one on the right side, ground floor. They have a guard so I felt safe even if I was a solo traveller.

Breakfast was a simple affair.... Pancakes and bacon .... But...... The view made up for it!!!!

I went swimming in Station 1 until lunch time.

My must-eat Boracay place..... Aquafresh at D'Talipapa. The staff still remembers me! I'm their suki.

I bought half a kilo of prawns from the sea. I asked them to grill the prawns and brush with garlic-butter.

Plain salted grilled Liempo.

I wonder how I look like when I eat?

I swear, people would smile at me while I am eating!

Hahahaha I get embarrassed sometimes. There were 2 Korean couples in the resto. I would catch them looking at me with smiles on their faces! The guy even made a thumbs up sign at me!

Then the occupants of the table beside me, a group of girls and a priest, were also looking! Again, Father, gave me a thumps up sign!

I asked my friends why?!?! They said, it was probably because I was eating a lot of food and ate it all!

But I did not even get full with my lunch! They were just shrimps and a little slice of grilled pork!

My Ate said, when I am eating, I am such a delight to look at because I am oblivious to the world around me.

Dessert was at The Halo-Halo Hut at D'Mall owned by Fruits in Ice Cream. I had my favorite, Mais con Yelo.

Afternoon swimming at Puka Beach!

I was soooo tired when I got back to the hotel. I had a quick shower and off to my next food adventure.

Shrimp Pizza with Brie and Goat's Cheese at Two Seasons. Super YUMMMM!!!!!!

The crust was so thin and crispy!

I wish Jing were with me. She would have loved it! I only ate half and gave the rest to the reception staff at the hotel.

It was only 7:30 and I did not have energy to go "clubbing" anymore!

Hahahahahaha That is Mona's favorite activity.... According to Dra. Cristina! I felt bad because "my" lights went out at 8:00 pm.

The spirit was willing but the body was not.

Breakfast next day was Continental with bacon.

I made it into a sandwich!!!!

I just spent the whole morning on the beach... Just enjoying my view.... And listening to the sounds of the ocean.

It was so calming and relaxing.

I had two lunches!

First one was at Thai Basil.

I had to check if their Pad Thai was as good as mine!

Hahahaha here I go again.... So "immodest" about my cooking.

They gave me free Pandan Tea.

Second lunch was at Willy's.

I did not want to leave Boracay without tasting the Mango Madness.

I figured.... I better eat Bam-I.

Thinking that would be my "dinner" already so I do not have to eat when I get home.

My "theory" was incorrect.

I am glad I was able to enjoy Boracay again!

I will probably be back next year! It will be sort of my "retreat" to recharge.

Hahahaha OK, who am I kidding?

I will go back to "refuel" my tummy!!!!



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