Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Goal and Dream

What is the difference between a goal and a dream?

My goal is to look like this again....

This was taken 4 years ago when I was just starting my blog.

Hahahaha I think my blog made me fatter!

I have been cutting out rice from my diet lately and just started my exercise regimen last night!

5.2 Kms.!!! Woo hooo!!!

A goal is something one wants to achieve and takes steps for it to happen.

A dream.....

I have always wanted to open my own Bed and Breakfast.

But..... I have to be realistic. I can never wake up early enough to have breakfast. So, it will just remain a dream.

I have another option though, instead of Bed and Breakfast....

I can have an establishment called....

The Bed and Brunch!

I really loved the bread in Boracay.

I thought it was whole wheat bread but the one I bought was not the same!

The Boracay bread was darker in color and sweeter!

I tried buying rye bread....

Still not the same.

I have been practicing my egg poaching skills.

Experiment #1 - egg was too flat

Experiment # 2 and 3 (eggs under the sauce)

Tricia L. Taught me how to make Hollandaise sauce. It was sooooooo easy!!!!

I plan to make Eggs Benedict for my Junkie friends.... Soon! Very soon!

Experiment #4 - it was a little overcooked.

Experiment # 5- I think the yolk was perfectly runny.

I am ready for the Junkies!

Hollandaise Sauce - checked

Poached eggs - checked

English Muffins - will buy in SM or Japanese Bakery on Jupiter

Smoked Maple Ham - will buy in Rustan's

Chives - I already have it in my vegetable crisper.

Junkies!!!! Do we have a date on Friday?!?!



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