Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dinner at 1:11 am

I just had my dinner a few minutes ago!

Pizza Pan Sal!

It makes sense that dinner was at 1:11 am because I had breakfast at 1:11 pm!

I did not realize it would take so loooong to cook the longganisa!

I had it simmering in the skillet for over an hour!

At least, it was cooked through and through and no burn residue in the skillet.

I am so happy I know how to make my favorite Pizza Sauce already!

I bought the Del Monte Sweet Pizza Sauce but it was not sweet enough for me!

I had to add lots of sugar and tomato ketchup!

Then..... It was perfect!

I love the chipipay kind of pizza! Never did like the Italian style, except the Shrimp Pizza at Two Seasons in Boracay.

Ohhhhhhh I felt so bad this afternoon. I was baking Chocolate Chip Cookies with 72% Ghana Dark Chocolates, walnuts and pecans. As I was about to remove the cookie sheet from the oven, my carpal tunnel syndrome acted up and I dropped the sheet. I could see the cookies sliding down but could not do anything about it. They all slid down on the open door of the oven, at least not on the floor!

They look so ugly!!!!!

But never mind, they were delicious if I may say so!

Hahahahahaha! I always forget my mom's reminder that I should never compliment my own cooking.

Up to now I still do not understand why not?!?!




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