Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bulalo for Everybody

My friends and I had lunch at the house of Tita Letty, Mayette's mom.

They asked me to cook Bulalo soup with marrow for everybody because they all had a craving. I bought a tray from Rustan's.

Usually, when we order Bulalo soup from restaurants, we only get one bone with marrow! And if you are dining with a big group, then you will probably only get to taste a teaspoon or less.

Sooooo...... I made sure each one got a serving of bone marrow!

Sherman and Jing grilled the Liempo.

Mayette followed the recipe of my LZM Bangus copycat.



Mon brought Pancit from Lei Garden.

Tita Letty made Lasagna

And....... Sans Rival!

Corry was in charge of the drinks and chips.

Ohhhh we all enjoyed our lunch! I told Tita Letty we should do this more often.

The Wriggly Chronicles

Wriggly is very happy with his new companion, Lizzie. I am so lucky she is sweet and loving.

Thank you CARA for giving her to me!

Wriggly has so many reasons to be jealous. I hugged Pizmo, the dog of Joy, Mayette's sister.

I also played with Sparky and Shake, both of them are Yorkies.



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